WE ARE CALLED ONE BY ONE is a still photographic documentary that explores individual stories in regard to the power of ritual and tradition surrounding female genital cutting (FGC) in Mali, West Africa. My intent for the project is to illuminate the cultural motivations of communities that practice FGC in Mali.

“We are called one by one” is a recurring quotation I’ve heard during interviews with girls in the village of Konza, Sikasso, to explain how they are summoned one day to meet the traditional cutter and begin the ritual. It also serves as a metaphor that as humans we are called to seek an understanding of our world and its peoples.

The project is a portrait series featuring interviews of girls in Konza, the midwife, a traditional healer and a traditional cutter.

Balakisa Kone

Yaya Kone

Hawa Kone

Jemani Kone

Jenabou Kone

Baji Kone, village chief

Salimata Sidibe, midwife

Bintou Samake, Blacksmith cutter